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Burlesque dancers of the early twentieth century were known for their decadent costumes and over-the-top acts – some splashed around in transparent bathtubs, bedecked themselves with hundreds of peacock feathers, and rode horses around onstage. There was skin, but there was also theater, drama, humor, pomp and style, all for the art of tease. The burlesques were coquettes of the highest order.

Burlesque dancers of the early twentieth


Today, burlesque is nothing short of an art form. Performers both male and female combine the most explosive aspects of costumery, dance, comedy and theater in a type of live entertainment that, of course, places nudity on a pedestal. Dita Von Tesse have turned the tassel-friendly genre of performance into an evolving practice that challenges everything conventional — from gender politics to sexuality and the public’s perception of the naked body.

burlesque dita von teese


Modern Burlesque stylings pair tantalizing minimalism with an elegant, old school quality. We are going to introduce you some lingerie pieces that will bring a touch of flapper chick or 1950s pinup, with a wink and a nod to the ladies who truly knew how to put on a show.


The Peek a Boo bra, Love it or Leave it

open bra


Peek a boo bras create a little mystery and excitement by revealing enough to seduce your admirer and keep them in anticipation of what’s to come. From delicate black lace to luxurious Burgundy satin in seductive designs by Coco de Mer or Maison Close and more, there’s something for everyone’s tastes! The bras from this style of lingerie are all about the elements of optical illusion and surprise. Frindge also add a flirtatious edge, a curtain that shifts with and ever-so-subtle swing of the hips. Wear these tops with matching panties.

Garter belts

garter belt

Garters are certainly less about practicality than they were in the days before panty hose. Today their strappings are just part of the tease. And lingerie makers have been taking heed: They are making panties with built-in garters, waist cinchers connected to garters and harnesses connected to panties.


maison close harness


The world has gone garter mad. The garter has that wonderfully glamorous vibe – wherein the naughty factor is tempered by the retro-cute factor.

We believe every woman should try wearing a garter belt once in her life. Least of all because it is the perfect item to wear surreptitiously under your clothes by day. And garters necessitate a stocking preferably of the seamed or fishnet variety – just another tantalizing layer to peel off (or not…since there are plenty of ways to play without removing everything).




Historically, gloves were worn by ladies as a status symbol to protect their delicate hands. They were something gifted as a token of love or to indicate that a woman was taken. Over time, gloves have grown to evoke elegance and mystery: an evening length satin variety conjures old world glamour with a hint of espionage. Cropped leather driving or riding gloves express adventure.

In the lingerie realm, gloves add a literal layer to sensory pleasure and are, of course, yet another layer that can be oh-so-slowly stripped away.


Finishing Touches: Robes and Chemises

Pyjamas by Agent Provocateur - Classic Pyjama

Though it may seem counterproductive for a cover up to make an appearance in a section of the art of undress, sheer chemises and silky pyjamas are the cornerstones of a well-laid seduction plan. Without them, where’s the tease? As all great burlesque performers know, the more layers you wear, the slower the strip and the slower the strip, the greater the tease.


Bring a little burlesque lingerie to your boudoir! With our sexy lingerie you can enhance the most seductive striptease. Get the look of a beautiful burlesque dancer such as Dita Von Teese by choosing the perfect burlesque outfit. Start with a seamed stocking and a sexy thong. Burlesque accessories such as a feather fan or long satin gloves can compliment your chosen exotic show stopping burlesque costume.


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