How confident are you on the scale from one to luxury lingerie? • My Lingerie by Provoke
How confident are you on the scale from one to luxury lingerie?
Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions

The little secret, that we women have to feel confident and sexy, is not visible to everyone. But every woman knows what is this perfect secret – the perfect lingerie. Yes, it is sensuality, self-confidence and touch that makes you feel like yourself in your skin. Even if you don’t have a romantic date, indulge yourself with the gentle caress of fine fabric.

The other little secret we will share with you that in My Lingerie by Provoke you can find the wonderful lingerie accessories by Heidi Klum Intimates

My Lingerie by Provoke allows you to enhance your femininity with high quality lingerie extras. Heidi Klum Intimates accessories are highly expressive, help you not to go unnoticed, radiate gentle luxury, hidden power and give an irresistible mix of femininity and confidence.

The Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions line has a set of over 20 basic products that will make you ready for red carpet – from self-adhesive tapes for dresses, lingerie bags to bras without backs, silicone straps, nipple covers. The Heidi Klum Solutions collection includes bras for dresses with a deep neckline, a converter for bras designed for dresses with a strongly cut back, pads for bras.


Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions


Heidi Klum is known as the host and executive producer of Project Runway and Germany’s Next Top Model, in addition to her famous career as a supermodel. “I’ve spent my entire career as a model on the red carpet, so I know all the secret tricks and tips needed to help ladies feel confident and fabulous, no matter what the cut, shape or length of their clothes,” she said.


Heidi Klum


Is there anyone more qualified than Heidi Klum to ask for advice on lingerie or accessories? The supermodel is a real expert, thanks to her long experience as Victoria’s Secret Angel, as well as her experience in managing her own line Heidi Klum Intimates, so of course we chose to provide you with her collection for red carpet solutions.

What did we learn from Heidi Klum? She reveals her secret that the best bra that every woman should have: “Definitely a black lace bra with triangular cups. It’s sexy and I like it when the lace shows up, even under a white T-shirt. ”


Stella McCartney Sienna Sparkling Soft Cup Bra


What is your favorite accessory that will make you feel most impressive and sexy? Come and choose.

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