Coco de Mer presents AW20 collection. • My Lingerie by Provoke
Coco de Mer presents AW20 collection.
Coco de Mer presents AW20

Explore your wildest pleasures with luxury lingerie by Coco de Mer, check the new collection Shunga and Muse.

Shunga, literally “spring pictures”, is an erotic artistic tradition that emerged from early modern Japan, featuring graphic images of sexual activity. Produced by the thousands during the Edo period (1600-1868), shunga offered sexuality a shameless visual platform, where sexual pleasure and female sexuality were not only acknowledged but encouraged.

Shunga had functions beyond its aesthetic appeal. Its primary use would have involved viewing and sharing the paintings or books with close friends or sexual partners. The images were also used to provide sexual education for young couples, to encourage a warrior going into battle and even to protect homes. While shunga was chiefly commissioned and painted by men, it has been found among the material goods presented to a Japanese bride, suggesting that it was also highly valued by women.

Shunga Art


Each collection celebrates the pleasures of lovemaking; colourfully presenting mutual attraction and sexual desire as natural and unaffected through delicate and exclusive embroideries, shimmering French laces and velvet bound cutaways.

Triangle Bra

Akiko High Apex Triangle Bra cut in a triangle shape to show off your décolletage, the cups are decorated with crimson embroidery that climbs the neckline. Back-fastening with sleek gold hardware, the silk under band adds a regal flourish, supporting fully adjustable silk straps.:

Akiko Thong – The semi-sheer crimson embroidery rises at the front of the Akiko Thong, supported by swathes of semi-sheer chiffon that engulf the hips. The double straps join together at the back in another delicate touch of embroidery. A full thong back leaves your derriere ready to be adored.:

From the delicate floral details of Akiko to the rich midnight blue velvet of Azami, immerse yourself in Coco de Mer’s most sensual luxury lingerie collection to date.

Hand drawn in Coco de Mer London Atelier, the Akiko crimson embroidery entwines delicate floral details taken from the sensuous prints of Shunga artwork. Barely there semi sheer tulle is incorporated with conceal and reveal silhouettes that frame and celebrate the body. Combined with rich crimson silk, the Akiko collection exudes decadence and entirely embodies what it is to be luxury lingerie.

Explore the beauty of Japan in Coco de Mer’s amazing Akiko collection featuring silky satin straps with a mix of sheer mesh, floral embroidered lace, and scalloped edges. A red hot romance for both lace lingerie lovers and erotic lingerie enthusiasts.

Frivolously flirtatious and feminine, we are proud to introduce Muse, by Coco de Mer for AW20 too. Take a look to our Pin Up – flirty and playful, with vintage glamour lineaments.


Muse by Coco de Mer Penelope Halter Bra

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