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Adaptation and self-defense coach, or glam chic to your summer skin care
Sun protection

Sunscreen is just a starting point. From golden tan, the girls’ new best friend, to wrinkle-free skin, here’s ESTHEDERM’s guide for preparation of your skin for summer.

Our life with the sun is divided into two parts: we love it for its ability to stimulate vitamin D and good mood (it is no coincidence that in Provence they say that a day without sun is like a day without wine), but we do not like it because of harmful rays and premature aging. By changing the rules of the game, ESTHEDERM normalizes complex relationships. It’s unbelievable, but maximizing the tanning potential leads to healthy, undamaged skin. The new standards of a luxurious holiday even include SUN SPA with products of the brand – a service offered in several selected 5 star destinations. If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy the sophisticated service, sign up for the virtual solar school of ESTHEDERM.


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Let’s face it: tanning makes people more attractive. But how do you expose yourself to the sun without fear of getting burned if you blush like a lobster? Have you noticed that sometimes the best things in the world are made to order. Perhaps that is why the achievements of the brand’s creator Jean-Noel Torrel, a pharmacist and biologist suffering from solar intolerance, have not yet been surpassed by anyone. The concept without analogue in modern cosmetology – “training” of the skin by using its adaptation mechanisms, for maximum and safe complexion, and without emphasizing – attention! – SPF factor.

The battle for SPF – pointless
To understand the epochal nature of such a discovery, see the postulates on which the solar philosophy of ESTHEDERM is based:
1. Adaptation is preferable to protection. Systematic use of “full screen” means can lead to a change in the capacity of the physiological protection of the skin and it becomes lazy.
2. Tanning is the best natural self-defense. Melanin has the unique ability to: absorb UV rays, neutralise free radicals, synthesise anti-inflammatory factors and protect DNA.
3. Tanning does not provoke ageing. Sometimes blackening is accompanied by dangerous side effects (wrinkles, loss of firmness, hyperpigmentation, cell damage).
4. Skin sensitivity to the sun is not fatal. Even the reaction of the intolerant can be normalised by “vaccination” with mini doses of sunlight in combination with a suitable product.
5. SPF index is not an objective indicator when choosing a product. Beyond UVB rays is the entire solar spectrum, including visible and infrared light, which interact with the skin. Especially the discussed blue light, to which we are “victims” through all the mobile devices that have taken over our daily lives.

Domestication of light

If your cosmetologist or dermatologist has not told you about the impressive concept of the pioneer in the care of healthy tanning ESTHEDERM, here are some important innovations: the first product for sun intolerant skin; the first use of mineral screens; the first anti-wrinkle product for tanning; the first cellular protection without organic filters and mineral screens; the first product for pigment irregularities with high protection; the first product for tanning without spots. Such a chronology, you will agree, does not correspond at all to the fashion trend of “intimidation” with the sun. Tolerating light is also contrary to the common wisdom that intolerant skin owners should use “full screen” or be in the shade at all times.

Tan, as golden as one would expect – a product of science
Key to ESTHEDERM’s triple protection are not screens and filters, but two patents: Global Cellular Protection for biological protection against the negative effects of the entire light spectrum, prevention of photoaging and hyperpigmentation, and Adaptasun for accelerating, stimulating and distributing melanin for more fast, deeper and longer lasting tan. In addition, there is a third patent, namely Cellular Water – acts as an experienced bodyguard, optimizing cellular metabolism and the effectiveness of protection.
Instead of using the SPF rating system, dermatologists advise choosing a product according to the type of skin (not dry or oily, but normal with a low risk of sunburn, sensitive skin with more chances of sunburn or intolerance to the sun) and the level of sunshine indicated by suns. We offer three, which means high protection in strong sun.


skin products

Three colors: orange, white and blue

You are a beach bunny who can’t give up the stunning golden complexion. Well, you don’t have to. Continue reading to learn more about the bestsellers in the solar range of ESTHEDERM.
1. Although there are no stars on the package, the Bronz Impulse face and body tanning spray integrates perfectly into the solar series. Formulated to build “tolerance” to UV rays, it prepares, optimizes tanning and strengthens the skin’s defense mechanisms. The “fog” is virtually invisible. All you see is a veil on the skin.
2. Skin can tell thousands of stories. This cannot happen with the Bronz Repair anti-wrinkle face and décolleté cream. The formula with protection against UVA rays allows you to get a tan and get rid of age at the same time. Repair technology preserves cell vitality, restores tissues and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The nourishing texture is suitable for mature skin.
3. An ideal investment for a sexy body is the protective suntan lotion in the conditions of extreme solar radiation Adaptasun. As the name suggests, the formula makes melanin its ally in the struggle for youth and beauty. The texture absorbs instantly and without any greasy film! It’s as if you use a moisturising body lotion and this is noticeable by the tactile sensations – soft and silky skin.
4. Girls practicing beach sports, sorry, but the days of burnt “straw” on the head are long gone. To style an Ibiza hippie hairstyle, use the new protective face and hair oil L’Huile Solaire – it guarantees a unique silk finish with a delicate scent. At the same time, the universal spray preserves beauty not only in summer. Lavender oil in the composition, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, hydrates and nourishes hair and skin.
5. Use the sun’s rays to even out your complexion. A pure innovation, which gives ESTHEDERM a significant advantage over other brands. Photo Regul face, neck and décolleté cream allows skin with impaired pigmentation to enjoy the sun and purposefully reduces the intensity of blemishes during tanning. The secret is a technology that optimizes direct melanin synthesis and stops indirect melanin.
6. Is it possible to forget your sunny past and have Korean skin? Photo Reverse brightening fluid is not just a protective product. Specially formulated for skin with hyperpigmentation, it ensures complete safety along with reducing existing blemishes and preventing the appearance of new ones. Skin care is entrusted to red algae extract, oligosaccharides and hexapeptide. Photo Reverse Pigment Wizard also has two tinted versions that you can use instead of foundation in the summer months.
7. As a brand covering all aspects of the summer skin ‘survival’ program, ESTHEDERM makes routine after-beach care attractive. The many features of the new soothing micellar after-sun micellar shower gel inspire respect even among boutiques. The formula not only cleanses salt, sand, chlorine and sunscreen, hydrates and prolongs the complexion, but also beautifies the skin.
8. If you succeed, you can count on the tan to stay as long as possible when you return to your normal rhythm of life. Do not lie much on this ear, the better solution is a lotion to prolong the complexion. Because of its good reputation – it soothes, hydrates and regenerates cells – it is worth taking it with you during the holidays and paying for excess luggage.
P.S. Next time you’re on vacation, think about how to adapt your skin to the sun instead of overprotecting it. It will reward you with a perfect bronze tan. And the tan you always can combine with perfect beachwear

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