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5 top love story movies to watch during the weekend
Best romantic movies

The weekend is almost here, which means you’ll have more time to watch movies.

Looking for a good love story? We have put together the top 5 for you, from a romantic drama through a love story to something a little sexier. So, without any extra noise, get ready for meetings, love, mind games, romantic gestures, slow dances, seductions and all the classic rhythms of a romantic movie.


1. About Time

The film is not just a gem, it is one of the best time travel films ever made. Oh, yes, and it’s full of tears. Written and directed by Richard Curtis, the film tells the story of a young man who learns from his father that the men in their family have the ability to travel through time. This is useful, especially when you missed your chance with a charismatic American girl and go back to the night they first met to start your relationship again. But what begins as a delightful and romantic mess soon becomes an emotional, heartfelt and shocking story of a father and son.

“We all travel through time, together, every day of our lives … What we can do is do our best to enjoy this remarkable life.”


2. 365 days

This film is a hot adaptation of the eponymous sexually saturated first novel from the trilogy of Polish writer Blanka Lipinska. Written in English with occasional subtitles in Polish and Italian, the plot is: the boss of the Sicilian mafia Massimo kidnaps the unsuspecting Laura and gives her a year to fall in love with him before freeing her from his captivity.

What you can see in the movie: beautiful people having exotic sex in a rich setting. In the 114 minutes of the film there is a lot of flesh, breasts, buttocks, seductive licking of ice cream and more. Erotica.

3. Y tu mamá también

Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón is returning irresistibly with this hit, which has caused a lot of controversy with his candid portrayal of some aspects of life such as drug use and sex.
The film tells the story of teenagers and an attractive elderly lady who go on a journey and learn things about life, friendship and sex with each other.

Y tu mamá también

4. Sex and Lucia

As you can probably guess from the title, this film contains a lot of sex (as well as nudity, passion and romance), as well as a deeply interesting plot about the relationship between a man and a woman over the years.


5. Palm trees in the snow

High-budget and romantic drama, a love story unfolding in the last days of the Spanish colonies in Africa
The accidental discovery of a long-lost letter causes Clarence to travel from the snow-capped mountains of Spain to the exotic island of Fernando Poe. Clarence reveals the secret of a forbidden love story during a time of turbulent historical circumstances, the consequences of which resonate in her present

“Life is a tornado.  Peace, fury, and then peace again.”

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