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Bikini guide

At first glance, it seems very easy to determine the size of the bikini, thong or boxer you are wearing. The truth is that often the choices we make are wrong and the result is nice underwear that we will never wear. If you follow our BIKINI GUIDE, we guarantee that your underwear will only serve you for pleasure and not to fill the empty cabinets in your wardrobe.

First step

The first step to determine the size of the bikini, string and boxer you wear is to measure your waist circumference. The measures are taken tightly to the body, but at the same time the meter should not be too tight.

Second step

The next step is to measure your hips. It should also touch the meter as close to the skin as possible.

Third step

The final step is to look for the line that fits your waist circumference, the size of your hips. The column they match shows your size.

Waist (cm)59-6263-6667-7071-7475-7879-82

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